Offer your representatives an attractive and powerful DSD tool!

Whether on the road or at the office, your representatives, account managers, sales managers, product managers and others will greatly benefit from the automation of your sales and marketing operations with the applications of the Companion2 Suite.

The cosmetics and personal care products industry has evolved quickly in recent years.

You'll notice well-established distribution channels, such as department stores, big chain stores, grocery banners, pharmacies, discount stores and beauty parlors, along with direct sales, online sales, etc.

The offer presented to consumers is highly competitive, with myriads of products in the lines of cosmetics, facial care, and body care.

Our direct store delivery software helps you gain the upper hand in a context where new products are constantly being introduced and seasonal trends deploy a wide variety of colors and shades.

Point-of-sale let the public discover and try your products, which are often intended for a well-defined niche market.

In order to attract and retain consumer loyalty, it is especially important to ensure your brand image is well maintained.

DSD software allows your entire team (office, representatives, account managers, sales managers, product managers) to stay well connected and communicate what's important.

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  • Real-time Customer and Route Ordering
  • Merchandising Activities Management
  • Dynamic Business Review Tools
  • Key Performance Indicators

CIS Group understands the challenges that companies like yours must face, and has for a great many years been working on cutting-edge technological solutions to meet the specific needs of your industry. We do it by taking as our own your reflections on how to optimize the market impact of your products at point of sale against the competition – and by devising the answers!

CIS Group has thus become a reference for Sales Force Automation in North America. Our tools will allow you to closely monitor – by store, by territory – all aspects of your business: objectives, sales, returns, product launches, promotions, events, contests, planograms, inventories of products and point-of-purchase advertising materials – and all your other key performance indicators.

Customized solutions for your industry!

The Companion Rep2 application supports sales representatives, facilitating the execution of their tasks, among which:

  • Visit cycle management;
  • Inventory capture and distribution entry;
  • Order taking – regular, promotional or samples;
  • Management of minimum to order by delivery;
  • Authorization of good and bad returns;
  • Business reviews, personalized by customer;
  • History of regular and promotional sales;
  • Presentation of net sales and POS data supplied by the store chains;
  • Consultation of key performance indicators;
  • Presentation of products and promotions using the digital catalog;
  • Exchange of electronic messages between the mobile users and the office;
  • Capture of information in the field: pictures, survey, etc.;
  • Car stock management.

Companion Rep2 is compatible with:


See the technical specifications

The Companion Office middleware is an application installed at your office to handle the real-time bidirectional communications with the mobile users, and to allow managing and consulting:

  • The dashboard, which presents in real time the orders taken and numerous other key performance indicators;
  • The GPS tracking, allowing the mapping of routes taken and mobile operations completed;
  • The reports on notes and surveys;
  • The calling cycles and order taking associated with the telesales module;


See the technical specifications

Companion Link is the interface engine facilitating data interchange between your different system tools:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system;
  • Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, etc.


See the technical specifications


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