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Don’t leave it to chance, automate the sale and distribution of your products with DSD software!

Connect your sales representatives, distributors, and to your office team with our DSD software, Companion2 Suite.

In recent years, companies in the tobacco industry and derived products have faced a number of constraints and challenges.

Promulgated laws first ordered the display of negative advertising on the product packaging, intended to heighten consumer awareness of the possible impacts of smoking on health.

Next came a move to restrict the locations where consumption is allowed.

More recently, legislation banned advertising at point-of-sale, and even the display of the products themselves.

Your order taking and delivery must be meticulously planned because of these changes. Stock outage entails an even higher risk of losing customer loyalty to another brand.

Being much better equipped to do the job is a tremendous priority.

Our Direct Sore Delivery software is design to help you attain performance standards.

By monitoring every touch point, point-of-sale presentation, and interaction you'll be given critical data. This data allows you to make better business decisions and track performance.

Contact us at 888-432-1550 to get a demo on our Route Accounting Solution (RAS) for Direct Store Delivery (DSD), designed for tobacco product delivery.

  • Real-time Customer and Route Ordering
  • GPS Tracking of routes and Performance
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Tax regulations management

CIS Group understands the challenges that companies like yours must face, and has for a great many years been working on cutting-edge technological solutions to meet the specific needs of your industry. We do it by taking as our own your reflections on how to optimize your operational efficiency despite the imposed limitations – and by devising the answers! CIS Group has thus become one of the most important providers of Sales Force Automation and Direct Store Delivery (DSD) solutions in North America.

Customized solutions for your industry!

The Companion Rep2 application supports sales representatives, facilitating the execution of their tasks, among which:

  • Inventory capture and distribution entry;
  • Order taking;
  • Authorization of good and bad returns;
  • Business review, personalized by customer;
  • Sales history;
  • Consultation of key performance indicators;
  • Presentation of products using the digital catalog;
  • Exchange of electronic messages between the mobile users and the office;
  • Capture of information in the field: pictures, survey, etc.;
  • Car stock management.

Companion Rep2 is compatible with:


See the technical specifications


The Companion Route2 application is a Route Accounting Solution (RAS) for Direct Store Delivery (DSD), whose functionalities respond to the needs of the tobacco industry. It allows managing, among other things:

  • The truck inventory;
  • The frequency and the sequencing of customers to visit;
  • The good and bad returns, with a reason code;
  • Mobile invoicing directly at point of sale;
  • The capture and archiving of an electronic signature, or of the stamp in chain stores;
  • The sales and returns history of a customer.

Companion Route2 is compatible with:


See the technical specifications


The Companion Office middleware is an application installed at your office to handle the real-time bidirectional communications with the mobile users, and to allow managing and consulting:

  • Taxes;
  • Substitution products;
  • Order taking through the telesales module;
  • The dashboard, which presents in real time the evolution of all mobile operations;
  • GPS tracking, to allow mapping the routes taken and mobile operations completed;
  • Dispatching of orders to deliver, etc.

See the technical specifications


Companion Link is the interface engine facilitating data interchange between your different system tools:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system;
  • Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, etc.

See the technical specifications

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