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Discover why Companion Link is such an essential tool

Computerization is acknowledged to generate important gains in productivity, due in good part to the higher quality of information, as it gets processed with more constant accuracy – even while we are seeing documents, in more and more instances, become dematerialized. With such incentives in terms of productivity, nearly all enterprises now see fit to invest in a growing number of applications – just as much as in the quantity of hardware deployed. Hence the importance of looking for tools that can facilitate a smooth exchange of information between applications.

CIS Group understands the challenges that companies must face today, and has for a great many years been working on integrated software solutions to help them attain superior levels of informational and operational efficiency. The Companion2 Suite offers cutting-edge tools that will allow you to reduce your expenses, will boost your productivity, both internal and external, and will consequently increase your revenues.

Companion Link automates data reconciliation between a source and one destination or more, allowing custom data extraction and transformation. The extraction can be as simple as the complete contents of a database table and as complex as a query with multiple conditions extending through different tables. Script and event management features allow the creation of any required data interface. The scripting language can be used at any level of the interface definition, providing access to a wide variety of verbs. The event cascade can be used in order to launch subprocesses and allow a very sharp level of data dependency whenever required.

A simple view on a generally complex interface process!

  • Connect

    Companion Link proposes connectors for internal applications of the Companion Suite2, as well as for numerous external applications. They perform the extraction of data that you want to be automatically transferred to satellite systems such as: SAP Business One*, SAP R/3, Microsoft Dynamics, NAV, Sage 300, SQL Server, text files, Cognos, etc.

  • Transform

    Companion Link allows applying any type of transformation to source data in order to adapt the contents to the requirements of destination systems, whose particularities are numerous and constantly evolving.

  • Validate

    Companion Link automatically performs the required validations to ensure that exported data attains the desired level of precision. The system event viewer allows any authorized user to see the details and statistics related to events: number of lines to be processed vs number processed, to be inserted vs inserted, to be updated vs updated, etc.

  • Considerable reduction of administrative time
  • Elimination of errors related to manual processing of data
  • Increased visibility and control of your daily mobile operations
  • Maximization of sales volume and reduction of stock-outs and returns
  • Better planning and execution of customer visits
  • Accumulation of market data on your products and those of the competition
  • Increase in number of visits, and in customer satisfaction

  • Companion Route2, a Route Accounting Solution (RAS) to computerize Direct Store Delivery operations (DSD), through the use of a rugged hand-held computer or a smartphone, coupled with a mobile thermal printer.
  • Companion Rep2, an application aimed at automating, on an electronic tablet, all the tasks that the Sales and Merchandising force (SFA) has to perform in the field.
  • Companion Office is the middleware solution that handles bidirectional communications between these mobile applications and users at the office. It can operate in stand-alone mode, or can be integrated with a multitude of systems, like accounting or business intelligence applications – and this is precisely when Companion Link reveals its importance!

See the technical specifications

  • Delivered with Companion Link, Companion Task allows you to schedule the execution of any task based on a specific time, or on a specific event that can occur in the system.
  • Several parameters enable highly flexible scheduling: the recurrence may be daily, weekly, monthly or annual; the frequency may relate to a precise time of day, or to an interval of time; to specific months and days or else to a calculated number of days, etc.
  • The task may comprise either a single script-based action, an application execution-based action, an email notification, or a combination thereof.



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