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March 23, 2011




Carlson Stanley Ltd., based in St-John’s, Newfoundland, has selected CIS Group as its direct-store-delivery mobile solution provider. CIS Group will automate the activities of its delivery personnel with the Route Companion® solution and it will help the company go from fully manual to fully automated field operations. As a result of the transition, Carlson Stanley will gain better visibility and control over its DSD operations and will reach a higher degree of efficiency and greater margin.


Route Companion® will run on rugged Motorola MC75A mobile devices with an embedded scanner, and will communicate in a bidirectional environment with the Office Companion® application installed in the office, using cradles, at the beginning and at the end of the day. Office Companion will interface seamlessly with Carlson Stanley’s accounting system, Simply Accounting, using a connector from CIS Group. Using Route Companion®, the drivers will be able to plan their visits, process returns, manage inventory in the truck, print definitive invoices at point of sale, and collect payments. At the end of the day, they will be able to easily complete their workday with the route settlement and end-of-day reporting functionalities of Route Companion®. Route Companion® will help Carlson Stanley to considerably cut their costs by reducing clerical work, errors and returns, and will help to increase revenue by allowing the drivers to visit more clients during the day and increase the sales per route.


About Carlson Stanley
Carlson Stanley is a distributor of Molson products serving St-John’s and the Newfoundland and Labrador area.


About CIS Group
CIS Group is one of the largest providers of DIRECT STORE DELIVERY and SALES FORCE AUTOMATION software solutions in North America. They have been creating innovative software solutions since 1977, helping businesses optimize and streamline their unique business process, reducing operating costs and having a positive impact on revenue. Their innovative solutions have a proven track record with over 8000 routes and reps automated throughout North America, making CIS a leading provider of mobile software solutions for field sales, merchandising and direct store delivery.

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Mariella Montreuil

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One major cost-saving was replacing data entry people by technology. So we were able to save 3 positions at the head office.


IT Manager, Lanthier Bakery



We think of the Coach ® Suite as being The Computerized Solution in people transportation.


President, Autobus Hélie



CIS Group managed to develop software absolutely fitted to our needs and requirements.


Accountant, Groupe Bell-Horizon



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