PMS - Preventive Maintenance

Optimize the management of your vehicle fleet with Mecano

Irrespective of your sector of industry, ensuring the maintenance of a vehicle fleet not only requires an extensive deployment of resources, but also involves a phenomenal quantity of information to process. Management of all this information must be absolutely flawless to achieve proper planning of maintenance work, if one hopes to keep operations on schedule with regard to the preventive maintenance program, as well as to warranty periods – for vehicles, for parts – while also ensuring optimal inventory levels for these parts. Alongside mechanical tools, then, it is greatly advisable to put software tools to good use.

CIS Group understands the daily challenges that you face. For a great many years, our team has been at work computerizing companies like yours – companies with very precise, yet very different requirements. The Mecano solution guarantees access to reliable, real-time information: the inventory of parts, for example, is automatically adjusted when a part is used in the execution of a work order. Systematic reminders are sent to users, whether related to preventive maintenance points, to the expiry of warranties, or to the follow-up on possible warranty claims.

Mecano may operate in stand-alone mode, or be interfaced with other applications, like accounting software or fuel management applications and can also accommodate your needs if you manage several branches or companies. The precise and complete information in your hands will give you the highest desirable level of control on the whole of your operations, as well as on performance, and above all on your costs. This makes for opening the door to a prompt return on investment!

Maximize prevention , lower your maintenance costs!

  • Unit management

    The vehicle file is the starting point from which the shortest logical path leads you, through intuitive navigation, to all the operations that can be required for this vehicle, as well as all the technical and financial data related to it.

  • Work order and time management

    Plan and assign the work to execute according to priority. During execution, the mechanic is invited to capture, manually or by using a scanner, the parts that are used, and the compilation of his working time is also automatically activated. The module then facilitates fast and precise invoicing for external customers.

  • Warranties and preventive maintenance

    Allows managing the warranties on vehicles or parts by indicating, when you perform repair work, if the vehicle or part is still under warranty or not, and by informing you of the expiry date. You may register and track from here all the warranty claims submitted to suppliers. Reminders may be defined according to a duration, or to a distance travelled.

Essential features for your mechanical operations

  • Management of vehicles
  • Management of orders and receipts
  • Work order management
  • Management of the mechanics's time
  • Parts inventory management
  • Vehicle warranty management
  • Part and component warranty management
  • Preventive Maintenance Program
  • Electronic inspection checklist
  • Data sheet by vehicle
  • Report generator


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