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Discover how Companion Route opens the way to optimization

What is Direct Store Delivery?

Direct Store Delivery is a key strategy for sales and distribution that serves a wide range of companies, particularly in the food industry.

This model of direct sale and delivery allows better control on your products, as well as the provision of related services like merchandising, inventory optimization to help increase sales while reducing returns, and also the maintenance and control of on-site equipment.

Our Direct Store Delivery Software

Over 12,000 users benefit from our DSD software and Route Accounting solution on a daily basis.

It allows you to reduce your operating costs, boost productivity, and consequently increase your revenues. Among these tools, our Route Accounting Solution (RAS) comprehensively automates your Direct Store Delivery (DSD) operations.

A rugged handheld computer or smartphone in a protective case, along with a mobile thermal printer allow your mobile users to manage their daily tasks.

The increases in efficiencies directly affect your bottom line and your customer satisfaction.

Contact us at 888-432-1550 to schedule a demo on our Route Accounting Solution (RAS) for Direct Store Delivery (DSD).


Tremendous advantages for your customers

  • Nothing is left to chance

    Offer your mobile users unlimited and real-time access to the multitude of data related to each specific customer, allowing for better decision-making right at the point of sale, and more efficient execution: statistics of orders, sales and returns; order algorithms; dynamic inventory, etc.

  • No more invoicing errors

    Upon delivery, your customer can receive in paper or email format a final invoice, for the right products. Using our mobile DSD, the user quickly and efficiently builds the document with the help of the bar code scanner and takes into account the returns, collection, etc.

  • Eliminate time loss

    A better-equipped mobile user is able to visit more customers in a regular workday. Your customer’s time, like yours, is precious and thus gets optimized with our DSD.

  • Considerable reduction of administrative time
  • Elimination of errors related to manual processing of data
  • Increased visibility and control of your daily mobile operations
  • Maximization of sales volume and reduction of returns
  • Management of numerous types of promotion and complex price structures
  • Increase in efficiency and customer satisfaction

Companion Route is the direct store delivery solution for your mobile personnel and allows, among other things:

  • Inventory management;
  • Visit sequence and frequency management;
  • Orders or suggested orders;
  • Good and bad returns;
  • Point-of-sale invoicing;
  • Electronic signature;
  • Capture and archiving of banner stamps;
  • Collection in cash, check, postdated check, etc;
  • Survey activities.

Companion Route2 is compatible with:


See the technical specifications


Companion Office is the direct store delivery office solution that handles real-time bidirectional communication with the mobile units:

  • Runs in stand-alone mode, or integrated with your accounting system;
  • Advanced maintenances or simple viewing of master data;
  • Allows a personalized configuration by user, by customer;
  • Allows complex and highly configurable price management;
  • Provides reporting and analysis tools for the management team;
  • Offers a dynamic dashboard that gathers data on sales and deliveries;
  • Promotes prompt, well-informed, strategic decision-making;
  • Includes a GPS tracking tool.

See the technical specifications


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