SFA – Sales Force Automation

SFA – Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation (SFA) leverages retail execution software to rationalize the entire cycle of tasks performed by your representatives and merchandisers.

Enhancing efficiency in your sales process provides users with the real-time information and the tools they need to best execute their daily business operations.

It’s one application installed on an ultra-rugged handheld computer, a tablet, portable computer, or smartphone.

Retail execution software goes far beyond CRM systems. CRM’s primarily document communications with the customer. Retail execution software provides full-scale automation. It applies to each and every one of your teams actions such as tracking sales transactions or fulfilling merchandising tasks which are mainly carried out on-site at your customer's locations.

With over 12.000 users, CIS Group has a strong understanding of the challenges faced by companies like yours.

Our Companion2 Suite is designed to reduce your operating costs and increase sales revenues.

Our Companion Rep2 application (Sales Force and Merchandising Automation) gives you access to complete visibility and control on all aspects of the interaction with each customer.

Your team can be in execution mode on a mobile device or in a consultation mode at the office. Business strategy evaluation and decision-making is much easier with data.

Your customers also become better equipped, better informed, and more efficient. This boost in productivity is a strong retention tool and competitive advantage!


Other advantages for your sales team

  • Personalized service

    Offer your retail customers, via your mobile users, a service that lives up to their expectations! Representatives and merchandisers benefit from instant access to a wide variety of information, specific to each customer: prices, products, promotions, suggested quantities, shelf inventory, facings, planograms, notes, messages, sales history, etc.

  • Integrated processes

    It is possible to integrate all the information systems – your accounting system, the Companion Office middleware, and possibly Business Intelligence (BI) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions, up to and including the management solutions for routes, for sales and for merchandising – thereby allowing for exchanges and collaboration between all your various users, yet again for the benefit of your retail customers.

  • Optimization of time for all stakeholders

    Retail execution software brings you an all-inclusive vision of the customer’s business cycle as it fully draws upon corporate memory, thus facilitating work for representatives and merchandisers, with significant savings of in-store time as a result. Whenever needed, they can very rapidly produce and share with their customer a complete quantitative and qualitative business review.

  • Considerable reduction of administrative time
  • Elimination of errors related to manual processing of data
  • Increased visibility and control of your daily mobile operations
  • Maximization of sales volume and reduction of stock-outs and returns
  • Better planning and execution of customer visits
  • Accumulation of market data on your products and those of the competition
  • Increase in number of visits, and in customer satisfaction

Companion Rep2 is the retail execution software for your mobile personnel and allows, among other things:

  • Management of contacts;
  • Visit route planning;
  • Catalog of products;
  • List of tasks to execute;
  • List of priorities;
  • Messaging;
  • Inventory management;
  • Planogram audit;
  • Facings and distribution entry;
  • Orders or suggested orders;
  • Good and bad returns, rapid draft;
  • Electronic signature;
  • Management of Key Performance Indicators;
  • Business review;
  • Survey activities;
  • Expense report;

Companion Rep2 is compatible with:


See the technical specifications

Companion Office is the office solution that handles real-time bidirectional communication with the mobile units:

  • Runs in stand-alone mode, or integrated with your accounting system;
  • Advanced maintenances or simple viewing of master data;
  • Allows a personalized configuration by mobile user, by customer;
  • Allows complex and highly configurable price management;
  • Provides reporting and analysis tools for the management team;
  • Offers a dynamic dashboard that presents the tasks executed by the team in the field;
  • Promotes prompt, well-informed, strategic decision-making

See the technical specifications


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