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CIS Group is one of the largest North American providers of software solutions for Direct Store Delivery operations, Sales Force Automation solutions for representatives and merchandisers, and solutions for the sectors of people transportation and freight transport.

Business practices are changing as new markets open up and the pace of trade accelerates. There is fierce competition among producers, distributors and retailers alike, just as well as among transporters, who must demonstrate creativity in order to gain or even retain market share. Profit margins keep diminishing, requiring businesses to be more productive and effective. Today, business intelligence plays a far more central role than formerly; the wise use of tools that can help you make the most of it does indeed give you an edge in business. To stay competitive, businesses need smart management tools that maximize sales and distribution, while cutting costs and reducing the work load.

CIS Group, an information technology company founded in Saint-Jérôme in 1977, has since the beginning committed to providing its clients with software solutions that optimize their daily activities. In 1979, the company launches the first version of its management solution for people transportation operations; the release of its freight transport application follows four years later. In 1984, CIS Group becomes the first Canadian enterprise to develop a route accounting application that enables Direct Store Delivery workers, through the use of a hand-held computer and a mobile printer, to produce a final invoice, clean and clear, directly at the point of sale. The following year, CIS offers its Vehicle Fleet Maintenance solution.

It is 1999 that rings in the first version of its Sales Force Automation solution. Then the year 2007 is a landmark year as CIS Group, in growth mode, acquires Omniciel International, at the time an important player in the mobile technology sector in Québec. And in 2013 comes the launching of Companion Rep 2: streamlined and highly intuitive, at the leading edge of technology, it proudly stands as the second-generation sales and merchandising solution!

CIS Group shows a dynamic track record with many successful accomplishments, a good part of which result from mindful and sustained responsiveness to the needs of our clients, as the mainspring in a constant innovating mode. We also put an emphasis on working in concert with the manufacturers of mobile devices, for our applications to evolve as constantly as does hardware technology. Doing so, we keep adding to our solutions, year after year, new functionalities that allow our clients to be more and more efficient! And now, many of them are pleased to know that our whole set of software solutions offers the multiplatform mode, to be compatible with the various mobile operating systems, Windows, Android and iOS. What does the future hold? Certainly more innovations!

Why more than 12,000 users chose to put their trust in CIS Group for their mobile operations

« CIS Group is committed to establishing a long-term relationship with their clients, providing them with superior service and helping them streamline their overall operations. Day after day, we strive to create innovative software solutions that optimize field operations and improve performance, efficiency and accountability, positively impacting the revenues of our clients.»

Jacques Tessier

President of CIS Group

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Your enterprise will derive numerous benefits from such partnership with CIS Group among which:

  • Reduction of operating costs and paper expenses
  • Increased control on your sales and distribution strategies
  • Complete and real-time visibility of your mobile personnel
  • Increase in quality of service and customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of ordering, delivery and invoicing errors
  • Improvement in time between order and payment
  • Extended information on your products, customers, competition
  • Increased revenues

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