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Since 1977, the mission of CIS Group is to provide its clients with innovating software solutions that optimize their activities, in the form of a Sales Force Automation (SFA) application for mobile representatives and merchandisers, and another application to optimize Direct Store Delivery (DSD) operations. Yet other CIS solutions are widely recognized and used by companies in the people transportation and freight transport industries.

To this day, it is more than 150 enterprises of all sizes, deploying over 12,000 users, who have put their trust in CIS Group. Although a good number of these are Canadian companies, the market developed by CIS is constantly evolving, and now extends to the United States, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Let’s be partners!

CIS Group presents a suite of scalable solutions, which are either run on a local or hosted server through the cloud. Able to run on the various platforms and devices, they perform admirably in a vast array of vertical markets: a non-exhaustive list includes alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, dairy and bakery products, tobacco and derived products, cosmetics, food brokerage – and the list extends to a variety of other consumer goods.

Our solutions are built from the start with the flexibility required for a configuration that meets each client’s specific needs. But in addition, we also put in place a project management plan that institutes a partnership approach and maintains the target on the time and budget objectives originally agreed with the client. Our qualified and experienced personnel conforms to the methods of the Project Management Institute. The conclusion of each important stage is imperatively linked to obtaining your approval, and several tools help us to define together and manage your project: Project Charter; Project Brief; Functional Specifications; Project Timeline; Stakeholders; Communication Plan; Risk Management; etc.

CIS Group is committed to establishing long-term relations of confidence – with each of its clients foremost, but equally in terms of its personnel; to such extent that the employees of CIS Group together contribute more than 1,000 years of experience, ensuring that you get quality support, in English or French, and up to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Your enterprise will derive numerous benefits from such partnership with CIS Group; among which :

  • Reduction of operating costs and paper expenses
  • Increased control on your sales and distribution strategies
  • Complete and real-time visibility of your mobile personnel
  • Increase in quality of service and customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of ordering, delivery and invoicing errors
  • Improvement in time between order and payment
  • Extended information on your products, customers, competition
  • Increased revenues

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