Manage your freight transport operations with greater efficiency!

CIS Group has been at work for several decades, assiduously conceiving and delivering software solutions that address the succession of new challenges faced by companies like yours operating in the transport and logistics sector.

The result is a solution that keeps evolving, to facilitate all the tasks that must be performed by freight transport providers. The Rapid Suite is the complete, multi-user solution developed to meet the specific needs of truckload (TL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) transporters. The application can operate either in stand-alone mode, or interfaced with other applications.

The Rapid Suite offers you a myriad of functionalities!

This software solution offers all the tools required to rapidly process the orders, assign the appropriate resources, and follow the status of your trips in real time. The application includes advanced communication functionalities that allow dispatchers to stay in contact with the drivers, to send them messages, and instructions for pickups or deliveries.

The Rapid Suite also assists you for rate management, invoicing with e-mail transmission of scanned documents, the production of customs documents (ACE), and management of fuel surcharges and fuel tax (IFTA), cross-docking, interline freight, drivers’ pay, accidents and claims, reminders for permit renewals, etc.

A fully integrated solution

The Rapid Suite can operate either in stand-alone mode, or interfaced with the CIS Pay and Admin modules (or other accounting applications), for the transfer of payroll data and accounts receivable data. Increased efficiency is also made possible by integrating the application with other services, among which: PC*MILER or other routing software allowing the calculation of distances; a satellite interface to facilitate communications between drivers and dispatchers; and the ACE portal for customs procedures.

Dispatcher provides transport companies with better efficiency, streamlined processes, and maximized profitability!


Popular advantages!


Computerization is your best ally to pave the way to important gains in productivity, and marked improvements in your offer of transportation services.

Dispatcher offers you a myriad of functionalities!

  • Fast and easy order processing
  • Fast and easy resource allocation and planning
  • Real-time dispatching and tracking
  • Automatic generation of drivers’ pay according to kilometers/miles, drops/pickups and other set criteria
  • Easy forwarding of invoices and documents by email
  • Automatic delay detection
  • Automatic price calculations when invoicing by set freight agreements
  • Tax management per state/province and period
  • Inter-company and brokerage processing
  • Fuel management, production of fuel tax forms (IFTA) for drivers and brokers
  • Freight rate management
  • Customs and cross-docking management
  • Fuel surcharge management
  • Accident and claim management
  • Management of complaints, absences, permit renewals, etc. Notes can be attached to a record and reminders set for proper follow-up
  • Operating costs analysis
  • Easy attachment of scanned documents to records
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