Efficient management of your people transportation operations


The Coach Suite is the complete, multi-user solution developed to meet the specific needs of charter transportation companies and of school, urban and interurban transport operators. Its two main modules, Charter and Circuit, can operate either in stand-alone mode, or interfaced with other applications. As an example, the drivers’ hours can be exported to the Pay application, offered by CIS Group. The same goes for transport revenues, exportable to the CIS Admin application, or any other accounting software.

You are a charter transport operator? Rely on Coach Charter!

Coach Charter supports all the administrative and operational aspects of charter transport activities, assisting you through each and every step of your service delivery.

As the key element of the application, the dynamic planning table displays all your trips, with a status indicator for each. From this table, you can perform all your operations with the fewest moves: preparation and transmission of quotations – relying on automatic cost calculation based on a wide set of criteria; assignment of your resources; and finally adjustments to contracts and drivers’ pay upon return of the trips.

With Charter, you will be able to identify trends based on historical data, and also to visualize your actual costs and generated revenue. This solution gives you better visibility on your operations: its array of reports synthesizes information for all your key indicators: customers, suppliers, trips, drivers, vehicles, and more!

For school, urban or interurban transportation, it’s Coach Circuit!

Coach Circuit is the module developed to meet the IT needs of school, urban and interurban transport providers. The application facilitates the creation and grouping of itineraries, for an optimal assignment of resources, and the subsequent management of day-to-day adjustments. It takes all the variables into account to help you manage your transport links: drivers, vehicles, schedules, school calendars and holidays, but also vacations, absences, medium-term replacements, times of availability, late arrivals, agreements, and others.

Circuit also allows a company to operate several branches, with separate management of trip planning, schedules and resource assignment for each one.

Here as well, your visibility on the operations is maximized by the numerous reports that shed light on your key data: customers, drivers, trips, vehicles, etc. Your strategic decisions will be well-informed, and your results, brilliant!


Computerization is your best ally to pave the way to important gains in productivity and marked improvements in your offer of transportation services. CIS Group has been at work for several decades, assiduously conceiving and delivering software solutions that address the succession of new challenges faced by companies like yours operating in the transport and logistics sector. The result is a solution that keeps evolving, to facilitate all the tasks that must be performed by people transportation providers.

You are a charter transport operator? Rely on Coach Charter!

  • Trip planning board
  • Assignment of resources
  • Trip return and drivers’ pay
  • Order entry
  • Pricing management
  • Electronic quotes and invoices
  • Event Management (optional)

For school, urban or interurban transportation, it’s Coach Circuit!

  • Creation and consolidation of routes
  • Assignment of references
  • Daily dispatch
  • Route management
  • Driver management
  • Vehicle management
  • Time management
  • Multicompany
  • Event Management (optional)
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