Over the years, CIS Group has built business relations with strategic partners, allowing it to offer to its customers the best products and services in the industry. Here is a non-exhaustive list of companies we work with to better serve you!

Certification programs

CIS Group is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, the highest certification level granted by Microsoft, in the Application development category. That program supports enterprises that have demonstrated a solid expertise in software development within the Microsoft ecosystem. Partners at that level of the program cooperate closely and take part in projects initiated jointly with Microsoft. This certification is recognized in the industry as attesting to high quality in terms of technology, expertise and reliability. The certification is not granted only on the basis of the degree of customer satisfaction, and the evaluation of projects following very strict criteria, but also on the certification of individual employees in the appropriate domains. This guarantees that clients benefit in each sphere of the highest possible level of competency in the implementation of their projects involving both CIS Group and Microsoft products. For more information, visit

CIS Group is an SAP partner, certified for the integration of its applications of the Companion Suite, through the CompanionLink interface engine, with the SAP Business One management application, which helps you manage the essential processes of your enterprise: finance, sales, customer relations, inventory and operations. This application is a powerful platform, able to respond to the specific and fluctuating needs of the diverse sectors of activity where small enterprises execise their activities. The solutions of CIS Group are also compatible with SAP R/3. For more information, visit

Equipment partners

CIS Group is a partner and reseller of equipment from Honeywell, a Fortune 100 company. In addition to the Honeywell brand, and to a multitude of other products intended for diverse industries, Honeywell also offers components and devices especially built for Direct Store Delivery activities, under the Intermec and Datamax-O’Neil brands. For more information, visit


CIS Group is a partner and reseller of equipment from the manufacturer Zebra Technologies, also owner of the brands Psion Teklogix and Motorola Solutions. The company is a world leader recognized for its on-demand printing solutions that allow better performance and security. For more information, visit

BlueStar is a leader in the distribution of various products: RFID, point-of-sale, automatic data identification, bar codes, wireless networks and digital displays. BlueStar offers resellers and software developers like CIS Group the widest selection of the best products and brands of the industry. For more information, visit

HP offers solutions to individuals, as well as small, medium and large enterprises. It provides infrastructures and commercial products and services ranging from pocket PC’s to some of the most powerful supercomputer installations in the world. For more information, visit

Complementary solutions

SOTI Inc. develops cutting-edge technologies to resolve the unique challenges related to the deployment, management, security, support and localization of fixed and mobile computer units. SOTI works in close collaboration with the most important manufacturers of Windows Mobile technologies and software, and maintains strategic partnerships with enterprises like Microsoft, Honeywell, Zebra Technologies, etc. For more information, visit

The Remote Control application allows a remote connection to the mobile device of an employee to reproduce and diagnose the problems when they are reported, in order to achieve a faster resolution while doing away with unnecessary trips. For more information, visit

The Omnitracs One platform provides innovating fleet management solutions to distribution and service companies that have a private fleet and mobile resources. It allows the optimization of distribution route planning, offering companies the capacity of achieving increased profitability, through a reduction of costs and greater resource efficiency. For more information, visit

As an integrator certified by Omnitracs for implementation of Omnitracs One products, Targipsum offers applications dedicated to the optimization of the logistic supply chain, and the management, planning and tracking of a transport fleet in real time, whatever its location. For more information, visit

Since 1979, ALK provides entreprises, mobile professionals and individuals with access to the technologies of transport and travel. The company markets the PC*MILER software, widely used in the transportation industry to track and calculate the mileage covered and to map the trips. For more information, visit

Complementary services

Bar Code Direct offers leading-edge instruments of the highest quality for the capture of data, custom wireless computing systems, software and media tools, consultation and support services. Founded on the principle of offering a single source for efficient and state-of-the-art automatic identification solutions, Bar Code Direct continues to offer its customers first-class products and services that increase their productivity and generate savings. For more information, visit

Nor-Com, an authorized Rogers dealer, is a precursor in value-added wireless solutions since 1988. Always abreast of new technologies, Nor-Com distinguishes itself by its corporate vision. It brings in a specialized team of business development advisors, internal advisors, sales coordinators, and affiliated partners. For more information,

Rogers Communications offers wireless services for voice and data to nine million Canadians, and new-generation Internet and digital television services to 1.8 million households. For more information, visit

Mobilis Case manufactures permanent protective cases for mobile computing devices such as electronic tablets, portable computers, data capture terminals, optical scanners, mobile phones or pocket PC’s, used by professionals and students in all sectors of activity. Customers ensure the material and financial durability of their devices. For more information, visit

Mobile devices are an integral part of today’s business. Data collection and mobile computing, wired and wireless, all this can be performed through one same mobile device. For more than ten years, Taylor Made Cases has devoted to protecting your investment by creating customized solutions for the protection and transport of mobile computers and printers. For more information, visit

Grenke is a finance leasing firm that allows small and medium enterprises to easily rent the IT equipement they need, without immobilizing their capital resources. For more information, visit

Investing in technology can help increase the productivity, efficiency and profitability of your enterprise. Obtain funds rapidly for the purchase of equipment, software and consulting services. The approval process is simple and fast, and the conditions are advantageous. For more information, visit

CIS Group is accredited under the terms of the “Loi sur les compétences”, which aims at improving the qualification and competencies of your human resources, and consequently contributes to the employment, adaptation and professional integration of workers, as also their mobility. You are a Québec employer whose total payroll exceeds two million dollars? Declare to the Québec revenue agency your investments made during the civil year, for at least 1% of your wage bill, in training activities. For more information, visit

Your enterprise will derive numerous benefits from such partnership with CIS Group among which:

  • Reduction of operating costs and paper expenses
  • Increased control on your sales and distribution strategies
  • Complete and real-time visibility of your mobile personnel
  • Increase in quality of service and customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of ordering, delivery and invoicing errors
  • Improvement in time between order and payment
  • Extended information on your products, customers, competition
  • Increased revenues

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