Additional modules

The Companion2, Coach and Dispatcher application suites are adaptive solutions designed for the computerization of operations in diverse sectors, among which the agrifood industry, cosmetics, tobacco and in fact a wide variety of other consumer goods – in addition to people transportation and freight transport activities. Over and above the numerous functionalities available in the main modules they comprise, these solutions offer a considerable advantage in their high flexibility for the integration of additional modules, or even value-added solutions from third parties. The following list, not an exhaustive one, presents a few options that are in rather wide demand.

CIS Group modules


This module created by CIS Group is a particularly adequate addition to the Coach and Dispatcher Suites of solutions! It maintains a record, by categories, of the various events (complaints, breakdowns, accidents and others), and allows defining the groups of persons to notify according to the type of event; it then handles the generation of reminders for them. Through the consultation and analysis of past events, it helps the users to identify trends and make well-informed decisions on the basis of real data, and it guarantees against forgetting any important dates.


Integrated into the Coach and Dispatcher Suites, this module created by CIS Group may be interfaced with any accounting software – including of course the Admin application by CIS –and even with electronic punch clock systems. This complete tool is all you need to optimize payroll processing without having to rely on external services. Through the configuration of automatic calculation parameters, the time required for data entry, and the risk of error, are considerably reduced. With the Pay module, you can easily transmit records and forms through the Web, and significantly reduce the amount of paperwork. Its monthly and yearly reports can be configured to best fit your needs: pay list by employee, summary of entries by category (period, employee), several models of pay slip, analyses by department, monthly remittances (CNESST), deduction reports by province, and expense reports (TP-66 and TL2F).


This CIS module suits the needs of small and medium enterprises for all their accounting purposes. It handles your transactions in Accounts Receivable and Payable, as well as General Ledger entries, the automatic calculations for amortization and tax remittances, the production of financial statements, etc. Admin can be interfaced with the Companion2, Coach and Dispatcher suites, respectively for Direct Store Delivery, sales representation or merchandising, or for people transportation or freight transport.

Coach Mobile

Designed by CIS Group, this module is a wonderful complement to the Coach suite and can run on both the iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android platforms. It is a tool that is highly beneficial at various levels, particularly for the dispatcher who sends trips to the driver with all the relevant details, which can then be used to perform the necessary checks before departure. Coach Mobile is a natural complement to the Mecano module via functionalities like inventory management and inspection schedules. Coach Mobile also provides access to geolocation, photo taking and various other features.

Modules from CIS partners

    Omnitracs One

The Omnitracs One platform provides innovative fleet management solutions to distribution and service companies that have a private fleet and mobile resources. It allows the optimization of distribution route planning, offering companies the capacity of achieving increased profitability, through a reduction of costs and greater resource efficiency. For more information, visit


MobiControl by SOTI is an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution. Built on a solid foundation of mobile security and device management, it delivers enhanced EMM features like: application management, content management, location services and remote assistance. MobiControl’s advanced security features enable your business to maintain full control over who is using your mobile devices and how they are using them. Its rapid deployment features get devices into the hands of your workers faster, with fewer errors and less effort. The interface is powerful, intuitive, and makes it easy to manage hundreds, even thousands of devices through a single screen. As the mobile marketplace changes and new technologies, new devices and new features are introduced, MobiControl remains a great option.


PC*Miler is a routing, mileage and mapping application widely used in the transportation and logistics industry in North America. It helps in reducing out-of-route mileage, allowing you to save money, time, toll costs and fuel costs. You may generate truck-specific driving directions and province, State and country mileage summaries, while ensuring compliance with U.S. requirements for DoD and GSA distances, for approved freight rating and billing. PC*Miler is also used to calculate more realistic transit times by defining a departure or arrival date and time, setting stop costs and driver break options, and setting border crossing waiting times, with an option to factor in real-time or historical traffic trends per route.

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