CIS Group develops innovating software solutions to optimize activities in the fields of Direct Store Delivery (DSD), Sales and merchandising (SFA), and also people transportation and freight transport. Our solutions evolve continuously and adapt to multiple operating platforms and to a wide variety of devices. According to the type of operations that you wish to computerize, our experts will be able to recommend the IT equipment that best suits your needs, at prices that defy all competition. Indeed, over the years CIS Group has successfully built strategic business relations with a view to providing its clients with personalized, turnkey solutions.

Although a multitude of options are available over and above the devices presented here, our recommendation will assuredly be for a rugged hand-held computer, and a mobile thermal printer, both covered by a maintenance contract. Adding to that the batteries and chargers, and carrying cases for paper and other components, you will have all the equipment to take full advantage of the Companion Route2 solution. Your users assigned to Direct Store Delivery will thus be equipped with devices that are highly durable and resistant against water, dust, drops and shocks. Here is the optimal combination recommended by CIS Group so you can preserve your peace of mind for numerous years:

The Intermec CN70 hand-held computer produced by Honeywell is undeniably among the most rugged and powerful devices intended for Direct Store Delivery activities. Weighing less than one pound (including the battery), it can withstand 8-foot drops to concrete, and can be used at temperatures between -20° C and +60° C. Its ingress protection index of IP67 makes it entirely resistant against dust, and against immersion in three feet of water. Its high-performance 2D bar code scanner also allows capturing a digital image of chain store stamps, to be archived electronically. Other useful characteristics include a 5-megapixel digital camera, Bluetooth connectivity, a GPS function and cellular communication – tested on all Canadian networks – and also an extended range of accessories; all this makes the CN70 a powerful and versatile tool.

The Datamax-O’Neil mF4te mobile printer from Honeywell is a rugged device that prints invoices or receipts on 4-inch thermal paper. Built for harsh environments, this device can withstand 6-foot drops to concrete, and can be used at temperatures between -20° C and +50° C. Direct thermal printing requires no ribbon, ink or wax. When subjected to normal conditions, the paper that we recommend will easily retain its printing quality over a period of 7 to 10 years.

The Companion Route2 application is compatible with most devices operating on Windows Mobile, Windows 8, Windows 10, Android or iOS. These models are used by our clients providing Direct Store Delivery services. Please contact us or consult the manufacturers’ sites ( for more information:

*Images and proportions may differ from reality.

For the Companion Rep2 application, we will recommend a tablet with attachable keyboard, a Bluetooth bar code scanner, chargers and a protective case. Your representatives and/or merchandisers will benefit from equipment at the leading edge of technology. Here is the optimal combination recommended by CIS Group to maximize efficiency in your personnel’s work at point of sale while making it the most pleasant possible, and providing remarkable aesthetic quality:

Powered by Windows 10, Surface Pro 4 turns from a tablet into a full-powered laptop while running all of your desktop software. The 12.3” PixelSense™ display has extremely high contrast and low glare. Surface Pro 4 integrates 6th-generation Intel® Core™ m3, i5 and i7 processors, features an 8-megapixel rear-facing autofocus camera, and lasts all day with battery life of up to 9 hours.

The Voyager 1602 scanner from Honeywell provides a simple way for enterprises to implement 1D laser scanning when the cost and size of a traditional scanner constitute an obstacle. The small form factor of this device allows it to be carried in a pocket or fitted with a strap, and the scanner can double as a flashlight. The Voyager 1602 proposes a batch mode and ensures bar code data transmission in real time to Companion Rep2, thanks to its Bluetooth® connection with a laptop or a tablet, among others.

Your enterprise will derive numerous benefits from such partnership with CIS Group; among which:

  • Reduction of operating costs and paper expenses
  • Increased control on your sales and distribution strategies
  • Complete and real-time visibility of your mobile personnel
  • Increase in quality of service and customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of ordering, delivery and invoicing errors
  • Improvement in time between order and payment
  • Extended information on your products, customers, competition
  • Increased revenues

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